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Who are ACE Garage Doors?

ACE Garage Doors was formed by Darren Marshall and Simon Worboys. Darren and Simon first met when their sons were in a football team together in Knebworth and they quickly formed a great friendship.

Simon Worboys

Simon says...

I founded ACE Garage Doors in 1996 having been apprenticed as a fitter within the industry from a young age. Initially focussed around Stevenage, Knebworth and Hitchin, we are proud that ACE Garage Doors has grown to serve the whole of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex and North London.

I have had 35 years in the industry. I have kept up with how it has changed and technology has evolved, and I bring a high level of expertise to the company. We are happy to say that ACE Garage Doors gets a lot of referral business which tells us we are doing something right.

We are proud to have many commercial clients and are currently supplying and installing on behalf of Stevenage Borough Council as well as a number of Housing Associations and insurance companies.

Simon Worboys

Darren says...

I was UK Construction Manager for a large Telecommunications company, and learned many things there which have been invaluable in the Garage Door business.

I began my career in the city working for an Investment Company and what I leared there about how to treat a customer has stuck with me. My interaction with our clients is the best part of my job! As a team we bring a friendly, positive attitude and deal with people in an upfront way. We have no salesmen or middlemen we own the company and are 'customer-facing', which means we can give people a price on the spot and get them booked in.

We are driven to succeed, and the phone is always on 24/7 so we are genuinely always open. We play to each other's strengths which is what makes us a great team!

The future

ACE Garage Doors has seen a huge uplift in sales of roller doors in particular over the past 12 months, and for good reason; we have a market leading product. Having tried multiple companies to find the perfect product, over the last year we finally got one we can really set our reputation against. And to make our choice even better - they are made in the UK.

We are looking forward to bringing our excellent products, and our expertise, to our customers in 2024 and beyond and continue to say...

'We Aced It!'

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